Helping to create your own story for success & better life!!

REDYFINE is an initiative by Cybercity Lions Club to provide help to people who are willing to bring change in various aspects of their life for better & successful living and need support and guidance in their journey.!


We realise that not everyone has the true guidance and correct approach to overcome the challenges being faced by them. ReDyfine has on its team the best of the trainers, coaches and experts for your holistic development, covering all the aspects of life.

Our committed team ensures that it raises awareness and throws light on the most precious but ignored gems like life skills, personality development, personal image growth, and above all, good health. If you are willing to make a positive change, explore our support programs and workshops.

A positive, healthy and fulfilling life gets ReDyfined with options for expert advice on health, wellness and money matters, senior tours, recreation and engagement  access to healthcare, emergency support and more with ‘Samarth’


  • Skills for life

    learns to set goals, manage time & money for success! Get clarity on creating healthy relationships & managing professional and personal life more successfully
  • Free Workshops

    Importance of self grooming for teens & women! various skills and knowledge on the other aspects of Image Management to excel in personal and social lives!
  • Personality & Image Management

    Moving campus to corporate? know the skill of power dressing to be more confident! Learn to gain social success and positive recognition through image management!
  • Wellness: Food & Diets

    Awaken the doctor within & learn what food can do for you!Entail covering 360 degrees health and beauty - Inside and Outside
  • Fitness with yoga

    Improves strength, balance and inflexibility - Work on mind, body and spirit! Heal through therapy, Stimulate psychological well being
  • Eldercare

    Join our programs to Live better lives independently in your own homes, with peace of mind
  • Be a care counselor (Women)

    Join the band of over 250 Care Counselors in over 60 cities!! Contribute & Earn!!
  • Youth

    Growth opportunities with internships. Market Research, Operations, Technology, Digital Marketing and Community Management across India.
  • Team Redyfiners

    Be part of our journey ! “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it”-Margaret Fuller…….