About Us

An association of Lions Club International

We are dedicated to imparting mindfulness to people, who want to do better in their lives and excel in everything they take up. Our team of experts and professionals commit their whole selves so that others bring improvements in their lives.

Associated with  Lions Clubs, an international social service organization, we are a community of people committed to serving others to bring improvements in their lives.

We aim to empower one and all through information leading to generating awareness, guidance and training under the care of our team of professionals, trainers, counsellors who are efficient and well-equipped. Our experts help in getting possible solutions to what they are seeking to achieve in their life and make them socially and emotionally strong!!

We would be providing support in best of our capacities to:


Women are the personification of love, purity, endurance, strength and patience. They have proved themselves to be better than men in every realm. With even a little encouragement and guidance, they can reach the peaks like never before!

Our experts are here to equip women with awareness and guidance on their own well-being, nutrition, fitness, and skill-based training for family counselling and other potential family support services!!


Youth is often considered as the building block of a Nation. The building blocks must be of high quality to provide a solid foundation to the Nation. In today’s world of cut-throat competition and highly stressful environment, it is crucial to train the young minds to bear all the pressure. To meet this end, we provide mentoring by identification of goals and suitable actions, and personal life coaching including creation of personal development plan with achievable action steps. We impart training related to basic financial education, social and emotional learning, mind power and personal development opportunities. by involving youth in our programs in every possible way.


The most valuable and forbidden members of our community are the senior citizens. We will work towards providing  best possible support to them so that old age gets totally redefined.

We will do this by connecting them to the relevant support providers for the support and  guidance they are seeking for ,creating awareness about possible opportunities available to them for their personal well-being,health, nutrition ,fitness and  facilitating access to services that will address all their requirements including emergency response, healthcare, mental engagement and convenience.

We believe that seniors are most valued and precious, and take full care to ensure their happiness and contentment. 

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"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

Howard Zinn