AIR: The Guru & Guide to Life


LIFE is Understood as a complex phenomenon, at the same time is as simple a process as AIR! What most of us desire can be simply created by knowing, understanding and adapting the pattern of air. 

Our ultimate desire on earth is BLISS. This is a universal truth. 

In search of this, we are going to temples, holy places, satsangs, clubs, distant destinations, consuming a wide variety of foods, drinks and whatnot.

Sharing my recent realisation on life

Life can be as simple as AIR.

Nobody knows exactly – Life comes From where and goes where.

So is the flow of air.

FEW features to learn from the air that impact our lives greatly:
  • Air flows constantly without fear handling all obstacles and finding the way out running ahead.
  • Touching everyone on the way irrespective of caste, religion, faith, rich or poor.
  • Makes sure its touch embraces and imparts good feelings to all.
  • Spreading happiness to the whole creation may it be plants or animals eg – peacocks dancing, birds singing, butterfly flying, buds blooming and leaves moving and whispering.
  • En route wind crosses areas with garbage with foul smell and also fragrance from beautiful flowers.

What it may make sure of is the FLOW. Making itself move ahead accepting what come may.

The interesting thing is no fear of failure and no doubt of success.

At the same time knowing and respecting its own self and keeping the pride of being unique.

No  AIR, no breath, no life. Air deep within knows that it is the most essential element to life,

Same way let’s all keep flowing with mindfulness, tomorrow that is bothering you and me is never the future as when it comes it becomes today.

Small gestures of caring, sharing, loving, empathy to the needy & always being ready to extend a hand of help showers the invisible flow of continuous bliss and AHA moments.

Just look around and enjoy the flow. Some old man’s hand for crossing the road, making someone smile with your benevolent gesture Without any expectations or something in return. So bliss, contentment, purity, love, good vibes are right here around you!.

Holy Scriptures give Air, the name of Guru, the guide or the torch to life.

Yes, friends let’s only if make the air as a guru, life can be simple, content, happy and blissful within and outside. 

Constantly flowing, not going to lose or gain, no fights for more and more.  Just knowing I am flowing, expanding day by day touching more and more lives irrespective of any rewards in return!

How beautiful it is, isn’t it?



Dr Ravinder Arora

Life coach & Holistic Healer

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