Personality & Image Management

Power Of Personal Appearance

This module focuses on building a positive and powerful image using the aspect of image management like Clothing, grooming, hygiene, body language etiquette and communication for the client-interacting employees of a corporation.


Dress For Success

This module highlights the various do’s and don’ts in dressing and grooming to be followed at the workplace so as to build a responsible and confident image. It includes dressing according to the defined roles, goals and locations.

Campus To Corporate

This module is specially designed for students entering the corporate world .It covers all the elements of image management which helps students to present themselves confidently for an interview with appropriate dressing, positive body language and right etiquette. This helps them to project a powerful and impressive image in the corporate world. The students are also trained for interview skills.

personality and image page- campus to corporate

Impactful Youth

This is a customized module for today’s youth, keeping in mind the global trends. It emphasizes on all the aspects of image management like appropriate clothing, grooming and hygiene, body language, etiquettes and communication for the image enhancement of the youth. This will provide them a platform to gain social success and positive recognition.

ersonality and image page- impactful youth

Young Diners

This is a module for children that focuses on introducing them to various kinds of etiquette. It comprises detailed sessions on dining etiquette, table manners, the various aspects of grooming and hygiene, body language, the art of introduction and communication. These mannerisms help a child gain more exposure and prevents lagging behind other individuals in that particular age group.

Fabulous You

This model focuses on eight body types in women and seven in men after analyzing the body shape the do’s and don’ts keeping in mind the color , Lines , shape ,fabric and pattern would be shared with the individual participant . dress slim technique and the right fit tips are shared too to give an illusion of an ideal figure which eventually helps women to feel more confident about themselves.

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