Happy Life: 3 ‘ALWAYS ON’ RULES!!


“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent, and not enough time on what is important.” – Steven Covey

Manage your time productively

Not everything is important every day and some things are important among many things for better life, success & happiness.

Defining work which is more important and dividing our time among these helps us execute our work and activities effectively and smoothly. In turn we achieve more in life with greater ease and better focus.

Prioritize > Divide & schedule > keep Record & analyze 

Learn the skill of managing time to follow your  passion ,to fulfill your purpose and to achieve what you want for a better life & success!!

Always follow “Well Defined Goals” in life that are achievable 

Without goals life is like a rudderless ship. 

Be it health,family, recreation, spiritual, educational, professional or any other aspect of our life, we should have  some Defined goals for  all or any of these for greater happiness ,satisfaction & success in life.

We dream of having so many things in life but when we start planning & following our plan to turn our dream into reality it converts into  our goal . Combining  specific time and having all the required tools , knowledge & skills to achieve these goals makes it a  “Well Defined Goal”  that is achievable .

Learn the skills, acquire tools & knowledge that are necessary to chase & achieve your Goals!!

Be Resilient, mentally tough & emotionally strong

Life’s journey is full of successes and failures ,good and bad times ,happiness and sorrows , challenges or traumatic events that make us mentally and emotionally weak.

To sail through these events smoothly we not only have to be mentally tough & emotionally strong but also we need to remain positive by redefining our thinking & purpose.

Resilience helps us in reshaping our journey towards better satisfaction.

Learn the art & skill to develop your ability to be resilient to keep moving in life successfully!!

Time management, Goals and Resilience goes hand-in-hand for success ,happiness and living a meaningful life.

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