What is success ?? Is it a destination or a journey??


Success means achieving what we want to become in life and how we want to live our life. It is not simply a desire for something. It is desirable with meaning & purpose that needs to be achieved and to be successful one has to be passionate about it.

Success has different meanings for different people

It is associated differently with different aspects of life, be it about health, family profession, recreation or any other need. It is based not only on what we want to achieve in life but also on which aspect of life we want to be successful. How you want to see yourself and how you want others to see you, are also important factors in defining your success & achievements.


Our needs, interests, likings, objectives and purpose keep changing in life, so our definition of success changes accordingly.

To achieve these newly defined success goals we may need to reassess our abilities, redefine our habits and reevaluate our skills and knowledge. we may require to unlearn certain things and learn new habits or skills to be successful and we need to keep re-shaping our lives for redefined meaning.


For me, when we feel happy, satisfied and contented with our achievement at heart, we are successful and reached our destination. But After succeeding in achieving our defined objective, we always find something else to achieve or another level to go for the same achievement. We always want better than what we have now and that keeps us on the journey of redefining our life!!

Life is made of various destinations of successes and failures. We must take a break to enjoy and feel these destinations before moving on to building a better life with more success.


Success is both a destination and a journey !!

What is your story on success ?? Share with us!!

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